Tools & Social Media

Where do community members interact?

48% of the European tech communities are based on followed by Slack and Linkedin groups.

In the last years Discord and Telegram have grown a lot, and we will see the change in the following years.

Some communities in the answer "Other" hase indicated tha following tools: Discourse, Matrix, Own website x3, wearecommunityio, Tik Tok, Bevy (x4), Tribe, Twitch/youtube, Instagram, GRLSapp, Twitter (x2), MS Teams Community, Business Club, Mulesoft platform.

Tools for event organization

use as main tool to organize events followed by Google Forms and Eventbrite. is the easiest tool to organize meetups. to notify members and collect event participations.

Some communities in the answer "Other" hase indicated tha following answers: Mailjet, Matrix, Codecks, Signal, Facebook (x2), My own website, Newstroll,, StreamYard, ClickUp,WhatsApp (x5), Airmeet, GitLab, PRETIX, GitHub, Bevy (x12), Twitter (x4), Sessionize, Twitch,, Mailchimp, Sendingblue, Adobe Suite, Business Club, MSTeams x2, Calendly, Skype, Mulesoft platform, Kahoot, Typeform (x2), Zoho,, Wordpress, Doodle.

Tools by country

Social media used to communicate events

Linkedin and Twitter are the most used socials in the tech communities.

Linkedin is the social related to work and communities offer a big boost to developers career growth so it is the best place where communities can share their training events.

Twitter is a super quick social and normally developers use it a lot to keep updated about technology updates and new releases.

Some communities in the answer "Other" hase indicated tha following socails: Slack (x3), (x15), Telegram (x9), Twitch, Newsletter (x4), Whatsapp, Discord (x4), Polkaverse, Clojureverse.