Communities' information

When were the communities founded?

of the European tech communities was born from 2010 to 2020. After the economic crisis of 2008 economy started to change and the boom in the demand for developers in Europe starting from the second half of the 2010s increased the necessity to create moments in which people can meet and learn from each other.Β 

The biggest need was to create spaces for solving problems, improving skills, and getting inspired.

All this was driven by the growing digitalization of industries, the expansion of technologies, and the demand for technical skills for software development, applications, and innovative solutions.

Despite COVID-19, a lot of communities were born after 2020.

Number of organizers among tech communities

of the European tech communities has less than 5 organizers.

Being a tech community manager as a developer means taking on the responsibility of fostering and nurturing a community of fellow developers. It involves creating spaces for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking. The effort required includes organizing events, moderating discussions, supporting members, and maintaining engagement. It demands time and dedication to ensure the community thrives and provides value. It's an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the developer ecosystem while enhancing personal skills in leadership, communication, and community building but as we can see from the data a few people have the possibility to pursue this kind of journey.

Communities with a few organizers risk being unstable due to the fact that normally people do this in their free time and if anything happens in their life there will be no generational change to avoid the community death.

Communities can't exist without leaders that take care of them.

Percentage of organizers for each country

Numbers of members in tech communities

of the European tech communities has up to 1000 members.

Comparing this info with the average organizers we can see that each community has more or less up to 5 leaders that take care of them and the number is proportional to the community growth and the activities managed by the communities.

Percentage of members by country

Let's understand who is an active member

Event participation and interaction between members are the main metrics used to define an active members. This is because the focus of tech communities is the organization of events and the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Some communities in the answer "Other" hase indicated tha following answers:

Number of active member in a community

of European tech communities has up to 50 active members in the past 12 months.

We can see also thanks to the chart below that the number of active members is directly proportional to the number of members in a community.Β