Tech Events

Number of yearly meetups

of the European tech communities organize up to 10 meetups each year, which means an average of one a month excluding the two months of August and December when normally people are on vacation.

To keep an active community it is important to create routines and cyclical moments in which members can meet. Monthly meetups are a best practice: the second Tuesday of each month or the last Thursday of each month. In this way, people can easily remember the day and not take any other plan.

Number of people attending meetups

of the European tech communities organize events with up to 50 attendees.

58% of the European tech communities have up to 1000 members. The average attendance is up to 30% of the community members for more than half of the European tech communities.

Presence drop in online and in-person events

It is always hard to understand how many people will attend tech community events due to the drop in presence. This drop is physiological but it is so present as a problem in community management due to the fact that meetups normally are free of charge.

56,8% of the European tech communities have a drop of up to 40% in their in-person events. Only 34% of the European tech communities have a drop of up to 40% in their online events.

In-person drop is unexpectedly higher than the online one, here are some reasons:

Main topics during meetups

of the European tech meetups are about programming languages and frameworks, followed by backend and frontend topics

It is clear that the focus is technology but we can see also that there are a lot of topics that cover the developer's growth at 360Β°. A lot of topics of meetups are proposed by the community members, and for this reason, topics follow the community needs.

Some communities in the answer "Other" has indicated tha following topics: Open Space - Participants bring their topics, Data / Modern Data Architecture,Β  ignite is everything, Typography, Startup, IOT, Developer Wellbeeing, Technical skills valid beyond the actual language, Computer Science Papers, Entrepreneurship, School of hard knocks, Developer's expertise, Blockchain, Reliability, New Technology; IoT, AI, SynthBio, smart cities, Electronics Designing, Introduction to Coding, STEM, LinkedIn Profiling, API Management, Quantum Computing, HR Strategies for Hiring, Testing, Learning content, Tech solutions in general, Clojure.

Types of events organized

of the European tech communities organize meetups (with one or more frontal talks) in person, followed by workshops and conferences.

Online events formats are mostly: meetups, webinars, and workshops.

Hybrid events are mostly meetups, panels of discussions, and conferences.