Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Diversity in European tech communities

56,8% of the European tech communities have up to 30% of diversity.

When we talk about diversity we understand it at 360Β° this means:

Groups with a higher percentage of diversity have the possibility to grow faster and more comprehensively thanks to the possibility of seeing and approaching problems from several points of view.

Activities to empower diversity, inclusion, and accessibility

Using inclusive language, organizing events in locations that can be accessible to everyone, and applying a code of conduct are the top three activities implemented by tech communities to create a space in which everyone can feel safe, welcome, and at ease.

The tech field has still a small percentage of diversity but tech communities can do a lot to grow from this point of view.

Here are some other activities that communities do to empower diversity, inclusion, and accessibility:

5% of the tech communities selected "Other" without writing anything.