Methodology & Target

The survey to create the State of European Tech Communities was addressed to European tech community managers. One community manager for each community answered the survey.

250 communities responded to the survey in total from 33 countries in Europe.

The survey was fielded from June 11th, 2023 to July 31st, 2023.

As an incentive, to the communities that completed the survey we planted a tree on their name.

The questions were organized into several blocks of questions to give context.

The survey was completed with an average of 21 minutes.

We have contacted more than 1400 European tech communities from over 49 countries with a couple of follow-ups sent personally by mail.

We engaged in this project several community programs such as Google Developers Groups, CMX Global, AWS User Gorups, Mozilla Communities and WordPress.

Respondents were recruited primarily through channels owned by Codemotion. The top sources of respondents were onsite messaging, email lists, and social media posts.

Here are the stats to click to our personalized links for:

Email report

85,09% of the mails has been answered, opened and responded.

From them:

The main motivation of not interest was the feeling that the survey asked questions too private.