Succesful stories

Several communities has shared successful stories about some of their activities and members

Here are some of them:

CodeWomen Barcelona 

"Members have told us that CodeWomen has changed their life: "Code women gave me hope, for a migrant like me to have hope of working in the IT field was made possible when I came to one of CodeWomen events. My whole perception changed, I saw young women who are striving in the world of IT, and I told my self if they can make it then I'll work hard to make it, the process isn't easy, but with determination and hard work, I will get to the top." "CodeWomen represented for me an integration to another level, as a woman I felt welcomed by cis women and this was very necessary for my transition. In the end, I’m trans, but I’m a woman first. It was the fact of feeling included in all that variety, which is who I am. Here are more testimonials"

"One of the current co-organizers, Alfredo, attended the first event that we organized from GDG Marbella. There I gave a talk about Flutter and he got to know the technology and the organization. Today he is co-organizer and Google Developer Expert of Flutter."

GDG Marbella

Agile & Craftmanship Canarias

"I can put myself as an example, if I hadn't assisted in the past, I wouldn't know who is my right now my boss and I wouldn't be managing the community right now."

"We participated in a program called She Code Africa, where we taught the ladies the basics of Open-Source contributions.

After the program ended, we saw that one of them was still actively participating in other Open-Source communities, giving talks, and mentoring other developers."

Jenkins Paris

TechVP (TechValley)

"Absolutely! In our community, we have witnessed numerous inspiring stories of individuals who have been empowered and achieved great success through their active participation and engagement in community life.

One such story is that of a young individual who joined our community seeking guidance and mentorship. They were uncertain about their career path and lacked the necessary skills and confidence to pursue their goals. However, through the various resources and opportunities offered by the community, they were able to connect with experienced mentors and professionals who provided invaluable guidance and support.

With the guidance they received, this community member embarked on a journey of personal and professional growth. They actively participated in workshops, training sessions, and networking events organized by the community. They honed their skills, expanded their knowledge, and built meaningful connections within the industry.

As time went by, this individual's confidence grew, and they started taking on new challenges and exploring different career opportunities. They received guidance on job searching, interview preparation, and career development strategies. Eventually, they secured a fulfilling job in their desired field, realizing their dreams and aspirations.

This success story is just one example of how our community has empowered its members to achieve their goals and build successful careers. Through the collaborative and supportive environment we foster, individuals have access to valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities that contribute to their personal and professional development.

We take great pride in seeing our community members thrive and achieve their full potential. Their success not only reflects their hard work and determination but also the power of community support and guidance. It motivates us to continue providing a platform for growth, learning, and empowerment to all those who are part of our community."

"A community can empower a developer both personally and professionally. Yes we have several success stories, one that I can share is the one of a girl who never programmed and knew anything about tech. She started supporting us with communication and event management. We pushed her to give her first talk about soft skills during our DevFest Levante and little by little she started to know a lot of people in this world becoming a real community manager, building bridges and connecting people. We taugh some tech things like how to use firebase and the logics of programming languages. She fell in love with community management and with this world, it was her passion and now this is her full time job."

GDG Bari


"Fwdays community is the opportunity for Ukrainian and international developers to gather together, share their knowledge and experience, and find like-minded people. For example, there was a situation during the conference in person in 2021: when the participant was very thankful for the organizers because, at the conference, he met a person, that has the same vision of software development and they collaborated to create their own project."

"Absolutely there is a person older than 40 that was helped by the community to do a job transition and in the past month he obtained his first job as a frontend developer."

Reactjs Milano

Girls in Tech Luxembourg

"Three females from our community that have applied to a mentorship program we are developing and have been selected have then applied to become volunteers and all mentioned how important it is for them to be part of a group when changing their careers to tech to feel empowered and pursue their dreams."

"In my opinion, a community significantly influences a developer's life. In my experience with the Quantum Madrid community, we have been instrumental in introducing many people to the world of quantum computing. This includes those coming from research, physics, and even data science and computing fields. The community fosters learning, collaboration, and growth, which, in turn, aids in their professional and personal development.

We have a plethora of stories where community members have been empowered. A notable example is a Hackathon we organized, which not only provided a platform for creative problem-solving but also a gateway into project creation. This initiative exposed our members to a broader scope of the tech industry, inspiring many of them. In fact, some of our members have even found employment opportunities through networking within the community. This just goes to show how powerful community life can be in empowering individuals and shaping their futures."

Quantum Madrid